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Our Services

Our Services

1) Obedience Training

  • Achieve 100% Obedience

  • Private, In-home sessions

  • Group classes available

  • Any breed, any age, any size 


2) Behavior modification

  • Understanding dog's psychology

  • Any age, any size, any breed

  • Coaching owners to understand their dog

  • Specializing in shelter dogs


3) Puppy Training

  • Puppy can start at 16 weeks of age

  • Imprinting desirable behavior

  • Positive training / clicker training

  • Training through motivation

  • Play techniques

  • Private in-home sessions


4) Dog Socialization

  • Groups of 10 maximum

  • Controlled environment

  • Professional results

 Call 561-908-4584 to schedule a visit 

What Pet Owners Say

..."highly recommend"...

..."kind and caring"...

...." We learned so much from Marcel in a short 4 week period at the training sessions and even continued with private lessons at our office because Maggie came to work with us every day.  Through Marcel’s training, we became better handlers as we began to understand what the exercises were for and how to set our dog up for success not failure.  We have since added another rescue to our family, Sofi, and because she was an 8 week old puppy when we adopted her we knew just who to go to for training. We can’t thank Marcel enough for giving us the tools to be better handlers and better pet parents to our Maggie and Sofi.

We highly recommend working with Marcel!"


- Dan and Jen R. , Vero Beach


..."We had been given Marcel Goncalves name from a friend. We called Marcel and that Sunday within one hour he was at our house. ...We felt like the "dog whisperer" had arrived. His patience, knowledge, kindness and direction in explaining the "whys" of training were invaluable. Over the next five weeks, Marcel taught us how to train Roxy. If you are lucky enough to find your forever dog and need a kind and caring trainer, Marcel is your man. ... 

Thank you Marcel for ALL you did to help us and Roxy."

- Margaret and Don M



..."I couldn’t be happier"...

In April 2000 I made the challenging decision to adapt a Belgian Malinois puppy. Unfortunately I didn’t have much experience raising a puppy and had no idea on how to train him so I said " how can I find the best trainer in Indian River county?" The idea came to me to go to a well respected veterinary office beside where I worked. They told me that they could recommend the perfect person. I contacted Marcel Goncalves about a month before I picked up my puppy from the breeder and Marcel gave me invaluable advice on what I needed to do to prepare. The challenge here was to train a Malinois who is bred to be a working dog that can be aggressive at times into a loyal companion and friendly house pet and to greet visitors without barking or growling. Marcel spent several weeks socializing Gusto with various people and dogs on a daily basis. Additionally, Gusto responds to commands, sit, stay, down and comes 100% of the time when I call him ... he even jumps in the air and catches a frisbee 9 out of 10 times (assuming I make a good throw)! Five months later I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with the overall work Marcel has accomplished with Gusto and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a great dog trainer, and I might add, a wonderful person as well!!

Rory D.

..."an excellent trainer"...

Marcel is an excellent trainer! He knows the dog's mannerisms and keys-in on the owner's habits to refocus on working with your animal and making a happy, more manageable home environment.   I highly recommend him.

-Donna S.

... "a true dog-whisperer"...

..."exceeded expectations"...


I can’t thank you enough!

You have exceeded all my expectations with Brandy's training and her undeniable love and respect for you speaks volumes! After 21 days she came home a confident and well mannered little girl, just two weeks before her 1st birthday! I am so grateful for the training you provided, especially the transitional  training you provided upon her return to her daily environment which I know was the key to her success in continuing the proper behaviors that she learned. Your passion and love for training dogs definitely shows in your work ethic, flexibility and results! I will be recommending you highly to anyone I meet that needs help with their four legged loved ones :)

Tina T.

We cannot say enough positive and amazing comments about Marcel and his professionalism. It was a HUGE decision to agree to let our 6 month old Golden puppy go stay with both him and his wife for Boot Camp for 3 weeks. The journey began with Marcel and his wife agreeing to assist Tucker in learning self-control, self-discipline, obedience, & home manners.
   Tucker returned home a totally changed dog, and exceeded our expectations. He accomplished the above measures, and additionally had more energy and a desire to want to please.  I compliment Marcel’s success on his wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a true Dog Whisperer!
   I recommend him to anybody. So much so, our newest puppy will also be attending his camp in near future. Marcel is a wonderful teacher, illustrator and encourager. We trust him implicitly!

With heartfelt gratitude,     Halston & Kelli K.

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